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About Jörg Schlüter - Your Money and Investment Mentor

Greetings, I am Jörg Schlüter, a Chartered Wealth Manager with a rich tapestry of over three decades in the finance sector. My journey encompasses:

  • Twelve years dedicated to equity research analysis across several prestigious investment banks in London.

  • A year steering Investor Relations for EON.

  • Two decades of expertise as a stockbroker and wealth manager, including three invaluable years in private banking within an offshore centre in the Bahamas.

Through my extensive experience, I've discerned that the monopoly on wisdom is a myth and have observed a prevailing industry trend: the prioritisation of its interests over those of the clients. This reality is starkly illustrated by the annual fees levied on investors, which significantly impact their financial performance and goal achievement over time.

My mission is to empower individuals to establish realistic financial objectives and to facilitate their attainment through comprehensive financial education.

Who Is Jörg? 

I am the founder of Goalset Financial, with a focus on guiding individuals eager to take the reins of their investment journey and financial destiny. My philosophy is straightforward: there is no one more driven to turn your financial aspirations into reality than yourself.

Our Approach

  • Empowering Guidance: I'm here to virtually hold your hand, guiding you to the financial destination you desire. Think of me as a coach, not just an adviser. My role is to support, educate, and empower you to make informed decisions about your finances.

  • Holistic Understanding: I believe in a holistic approach to financial wellness. This means understanding your entire financial picture, including your emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical facets, to create a comprehensive and effective plan.

Our Mission

  • Client-Centred Mentoring: In an industry often clouded by conflicting interests, my mission is to offer a service where your interests unequivocally come first. I strive to listen and understand your unique situation, helping you set realistic, achievable, and personally meaningful financial goals.

  • Fun and Fulfillment: I aim to make the process of managing finances engaging, rewarding, and yes, even fun. I believe that when you're actively involved and educated about your finances, it becomes an enjoyable and empowering part of your life.


Who We Serve Best

  • Self-Motivated Individuals: If you're eager to learn, willing to be coached, and ready to take charge of your financial life, we're likely to have a fruitful relationship. My services are tailored for those who want to gain confidence and insights in managing their finances independently.

  • Not for Everyone: If you prefer to remain uninvolved in your financial planning, I may not be the right fit. My services are best suited for those ready to engage actively in their financial journey.


Bishops, Furners Lane, Woodmancote, Henfield, West Sussex, England, BN5 9AE


07809 892424



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