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Embark on a shared journey towards financial harmony with our bespoke GAME plan for couples. Expertly designed by Jörg Schlüter, this comprehensive programme is tailored to craft your ideal joint future, offering a full 12 months of ongoing support to ensure your mutual financial goals are achieved.


Programme Highlights:

  • Intensive Coaching Sessions: Engage in at least six 120-minute online coaching sessions, scheduled fortnightly. These in-depth sessions are vital for aligning your financial strategies and forging a unified path.
  • Commitment to Completion: Our dedication goes beyond the planned eight sessions. We'll continue working with you at no additional cost until your GAME plan is fully realised.
  • Personalised Zoom Meetings: Benefit from direct interaction with Jörg Schlüter through one-to-two Zoom sessions, ensuring tailored guidance for your unique circumstances.
  • Regular Progress Tracking: Stay on track with three one-hour quarterly meetings, designed to monitor and adjust your plan as needed.


Exclusive Tools and Resources:

  • HapNav and MoneyFitt Licenses: Gain a one-year HapNav license and two one-year MoneyFitt licenses, offering access to our advanced cash flow planning tool and an extensive library of private finance content.
  • Home-Study Planning Exercises: Regular exercises to reinforce your learning and application of financial strategies throughout the programme.
  • Community and Mentoring: Lifetime access to our virtual planning community and peer-group mentoring, providing a supportive network for your financial journey.
  • Comprehensive Workbooks: Receive PDF copies of 'Stand and Deliver! Discovering your money and your life', 'The Significant Stories System', and 'The Proposition Development Framework'.


Your Path to Financial Synergy:

This programme is more than just a financial plan; it's a commitment to achieving harmony in your financial life as a couple. It's tailored to meet both your individual and joint needs, ensuring a balanced approach to financial planning.


  • Special Offer Price: Available until 31st December 2023.


Take the first step towards a future where you and your partner are financially in sync. Subscribe to THE GAME PLAN for Couples today.

THE GAME PLAN for Couples - Craft Your Joint Financial Future

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